Graffiti Arts Instructor

Christopher “etch” Weyrich has been a staple in the Dayton art scene for since the early 90s. He has been producing provocative art that tickles the mind into a state of odd humor and relaxation. Using written and drawn symbols, a world where light-heartedness rules and where rules are undermined. Etch uses a variety different mediums to create a visual circus of color, cartoons, calligraphy, and street art. Being a self-taught artist, Etch’s art expresses a unique tone, riding on the razors edge of normal everyday life to a unseen world of fantastic imagination and illusions. Exploring, and expanding in multiple mediums, Etch continually creates a personal and custom body of work that fits the environment like a well-tailored suit, and very comfortable pair of summer shoes. Etch reaches out to the future artists by involving him-self with several community-based programs that help young children develop their personal artistic skills. Etch uses each day as opportunity to learn, study, create, and see the world with open eyes, and new perspectives. He was born and raised in Dayton Ohio, and continues to call Dayton his home.