Miss Chioma

Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical

Chioma Ezeudu is 23 years old. She is a Wright State alumni with a BFA in Motion pictures (film). She also has a dance group named Ineffable Heist, founded in 2018. Chioma is diverse with many dance styles her favorite and focus is hip hop and jazz. She’s been dancing her entire life starting with tap and ballet. Cand then finally joined a dance studio as well as a performing arts school in high school to further and better her dance skills. With the help of theater acting enhancing her skills with facials, and stage presence, The stage is like a second home to Chioma. She’s been performing all throughout high school and in recent years being a background dancer, performing for festivals and competitions. Chioma joined funk lab in 2020 and hopes to continue to grow her dance knowledge from here on out.

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